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Law & Politics

The RLS strives for academic excellence in teaching, learning and research to serve the local, national and international community. The RLS has the institutional autonomy and integrity necessary to uphold the highest standards of intellectual education and academic freedom.

Our perspective determines how we see the world. It's not just about imagining, but empowering, engaging and embracing. We strive for peace and democracy. blurring boundaries. Science and spirit merge. The Ruhr Law School. Reason for infinite perspectives. On the cusp of a greater future that can only be seen from here.

The Ruhr Law School is a private further education academy for legal topics.

The Academy is sponsored by the Oxford International Education Group.

The Ruhr Law School is one of many academies that teach the national law of various European countries.

Even before Brexit, we successfully implemented our educational mission of imparting sound legal knowledge.

Our departments


The RLS strives to create a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community, informed by a spirit of freedom and charity, and characterized by the protection of the rights and dignity of the individual. Valuing students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions, RLS strives to create an atmosphere of trust, safety and respect in a community characterized by a rich diversity of people and ideas.

Here, faculty members and students come together to conduct research, services, and outreach on academic and societal issues ranging from new ventures to research and prosperity, to conflict resolution and human rights, to energy policy issues and beyond.

These RLS centers and institutes provide teachers and students with unique learning and research opportunities, providing direct benefits to Bochum, the state and the world.

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